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The Alvarez-Riera family is the main family of One Day at a Time.


Lydia Magarita Riera is the matriarch of the family, born in the 1940s. She had one older sister, Blanca, and several younger sisters, Mimi, Marucci, Mirtha, Monica, and Ophelia. She had to flee from Cuba in 1962, because of the Pedro Pan program that sent children to America, her sister Blanca, who was 19, was too old for Pedro Pan, so she stayed behind. Lydia and her sisters were sent to America. She was reunited with Berto, the love of her life, and got married.

In 1979, Lydia and Berto had their daughter Penelope Francisca Riera. In the 1980s, they had their son Tito. When Penelope grew up, she got married to Victor. In 2001, they had Elena and in 2004, they had Alex. Later, Berto dies. Later on, Penelope and Victor get divorced, Penelope kept custody of her kids and her mom moved in with them.

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