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Avery is a recurring character on Pop TV's One Day at a Time. She was first introduced in "Benefit with Friends." She is the girlfriend of Schneider.

She is portrayed by India de Beaufort, the real-life wife of Schneider's actor, Todd Grinnell.

Physical Appearance

Avery is a woman with light brown hair that is shoulder length and brown eyes. She is frequently seen wearing glasses. She tends to wear more natural-looking makeup and is generally well-groomed.

In "One Halloween at a Time," she now has bangs.

Being from a wealthy family, she is seen wearing designer clothes such as expensive button-down blouses, dresses, and pants.


Avery is a cheerful, friendly, upbeat, and perky woman who is usually smiling. She also comes across as somewhat shy.

She, like Schneider, is from a wealthy family but generally comes across like a down-to-earth and kind person.


Avery is a kindergarten teacher who is first introduced to Schneider at St. Bibiana's school auction in "Benefit with Friends." She auctioned off original poems on her typewriter. She outbids Nikki in Schneider's handyman for a day auction. The two women try to outbid each other until Avery says she can't compete with Nikki's bid.

Schneider talks to Nikki and tells her he is not interested in her anymore and Avery makes him feel things he hasn't felt before. Nikki suggests that Avery comes with them and Schneider refuses this.

Avery then comes up to Schneider and asks if he meant what he said. He tells her, yes and she gives him her phone number.

The episode "Supermoon" reveals that she has three of everything whereas Schneider has just one implying her family maybe of a higher status than Schneider's.


Season 3

In "Benefit with Friends," Schneider tells Nikki not to bid on him at the school auction. She flirtatiously tells him she loves their yearly tradition. She then draws an inappropriate picture on the bidding sheet and leaves. Schneider then says this is a school and tries to cover it. Schneider then hears the ding of a typewriter behind him.

He then asks the woman using it if it's a Remmington Deluxe model 5. She tells Schneider he has a good year and the name of the typewriter is Belmondo. Schneider then tells her his hammer is named Lorenzo. She then asks Schneider if he's making fun of her. He then shows her Lorenzo the hammer. He then introduces himself and the woman introduces herself as Avery. Schneider then inquires if she's a parent, teacher, or student. She tells him she's a kindergarten teacher.

She then tells him her auction item is custom poems she types on her typewriter. Avery then has a customer and starts working on a poem for them.

Later, at Schneider's table, Nikki realizes she's been outbid. Avery tells her it was by her. Nikki then says she has a tradition to maintain and outbids Avery. The two women then proceed to continue going back and forth with outbidding each other. Finally, Avery says she can't compete with Nikki's bid. Schneider then tells Avery to excuse him and Nikki for a second. Avery leaves them alone and tries to kiss Schneider who restrains her saying he has feelings for Avery even though they just met. Nikki finally walks away.

Avery then approaches Schneider and asks if he meant what he said. He tells her, yes and she gives him her phone number. Avery then says she is glad Schneider isn't a rich trust fund baby to which Schneider awkwardly responds that they are totally on the same page.

In "The Man," Schneider explains to the Alvarezes he is nervous and stressed about his father's visit. Schneider then says his real "Ace in the Hole" is Avery as his father will love her because she's rich and beautiful but he won't want to date her because she's over thirty.

Schneider arrives with his father and introduces the Alverez family as his tenants.

Schneider then says that must be Avery at the door and his father will love her. Schneider opens the door and Avery enters the apartment. Lawrence says that's more like it. Penelope once again gets ready to attack Schneider's father but is once again restrained by Schneider. Avery and Lawrence start talking to each other and it is revealed Lawrence knows Avery's father.

Penelope then looks confused and asks if what they were saying in their conversation was even English. Schneider then tells her it was "cha-ching-lish" as he leaves the apartment.

Schneider then says his father loved Avery, saying she'd make a great first or fifth wife. Elena questions how that is a compliment.

Schneider goes on to explain the cycle of marriage in wealthy society always cycles back to breeding.

Season 4

In "Checking Boxes," after her bad date, Penelope comes to Schneider for advice, Schnider later tells her that he and Avery decided to move in together, and Penelope congratulates him.

In "One Halloween at a Time,"  Schneider and Avery then walk in wearing their costumes. Schneider is some kind of hairy animal and Avery is in a yoga outfit. Schneider then asks them to guess what the costume is. Lydia then sarcastically asks if it's a reminder to shave her legs. Schneider then exclaims that this is serious.

Avery then says they just need a hint. Schneider then gallops over and Avery lifts her leg and does a yoga pose. Lydia then guesses by telling Schneider she thinks he is a cow and that Avery has stepped in the cow caca. Frustrated, Schneider says they were doing goat yoga and they aren't going to win the Halloween couples' contest.

Avery explains Schneider's got a lot riding on winning the Halloween costume contest at the Echo Park country club. Confused, Elena asks if they have a country club in Echo Park. Avery then explains it's the Beverly Hills Country Club and they just call it Echo Park on Halloween to make it sound scary. Schneider then says he's never won. But this year he can't lose because he has Avery in his life, and he's finally in a loving relationship as he kisses Avery. Schneider then says couples' costumes always win and the prize is an iPad mini and he never wins anything.

Sounding agitated, Elena says Schneider is a cisgender, rich, and white male and therefore he has won at life. Schneider then protests he really wants the iPad mini prize.

Later, Avery enters the Alvarez apartment, wearing a drag racer costume. She then announces the house of Schneider. Schneider then enters in a drag queen costume. Avery and Schneider do a dance move. Schneider then asks once again if they get it. Max then guesses they are a drag race. Schneider thanks him and says it's more of a history lesson in heels. He then states the full title is "Drag Race—A Drag Queen Started Stonewall." Penelope finally getting it says it's cute. Avery then tells her not to say that. Schneider then asks if she thinks he tucked and taped for cute. Penelope then points out he's in a dress. She then says he tucked and taped for nothing.

Schneider then says cute's for losers. He explains that the previous year, he went as the "Hang in There" cat. Schneider then says he got nothing out of it. He almost gave up for good but then he looked in the mirror and something inspired him to keep going. Schneider declares it's back to the drawing board and leaves. Avery explains he actually draws stick figures on a board, she then says it's very sad. Avery then says she can fix him as she leaves.

Schneider and Avery enter with fog coming from the hallway, Avery is dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Schneider as a dragon from Game of Thrones. Everyone is impressed and they all clap. Schneider says not to compliment them seeing that they came in second. He then exclaims they lost to Elton John. Doctor Berkowitz questions who was dressed as Elton John. Scheider then explains the real Elton John was dressed as Garfield eating lasagna and they lost to him. Schneider then says that it was adorable.

Avery sees Penelope holding the pregnancy test and asks where she found it. Penelope then asks if it's hers. Avery nods. Penelope, Elena, Syd, Alex, Lydia, and Dr. Berkowitz give her a group hug and Elena and Lydia congratulate her. Schneider not understanding asks why they are congratulating her, seeing that they lost the costume contest.

Avery laughs while crying. Schneider tells her not to cry and hang in there. Avery walks over to him, teary-eyed. Avery then tells him she wasn't sure how he'd react so she threw the test in the trash. He asks what she's saying and she tells him she's pregnant. Schneider hugs her and smiles. She asks if it means he's happy. He tells her that he is. He asks her if she's happy and Avery says she is. They kiss. Schneider then says this is so much better than an iPad mini. Lydia says they are here if Schneider and Avery need them and she adds they will. Alex says he is going to be a tío, Elena says she will be a tía, and Syd says they will be a tí-x.

The episode ends with Penelope saying this calls for a celebration and that they should go out for ice cream. 

In "Perfect," in Schneider and Avery's apartment, they hear a knock at the door. Schneider answers the door and it winds up being Dr. Berkowitz. He then gives them an early baby gift of a creepy-looking clown dummy, saying he knew they were coming in for their ultrasound but he couldn't wait to give it to them. 

The doctor then tells them to meet Ruckus the clown. He explains to them that Ruckus has been in his family for years and he wanted to pass him on to them. Avery then comments she bets he wanted to pass the clown on to them. Dr. Berkowitz goes on to explain Ruckus was his confidant and caretaker and the best spoon you ever spooned.

Schneider hesitantly says they couldn't take something so obviously meant for Dr. Berkowitz. Avery then exclaims that Dr. Berkowitz should take Ruckus out of there. The doctor then insists he has thought about it long and hard about it and his first childhood memory was of Rukus's cold, pale face.

In an attempt to hide what she's really thinking Avery starts to say she doesn't want that for her child but then catches herself and instead says that she doesn't know what to say. Dr. Berkowitz enthusiastically says he's glad the couple love Rukus as much as he does. He then says they remind him of him and his ex-wife Sophie.

He then goes on to say he and Sophie were filled with so much hope and joy. Dr. Berkowitz then says then the baby's born and hope and joy are replaced with fear and regret. He then says they started turning on each other. He then says lawyers got involved and started "circling like hyenas around the rotting corpse of the relationship." Schneider and Avery give him a blank stare, and Dr. Berkowtz looks at his watch and says it's time for him to go.

Later,  they are sitting on the couch reading pregnancy/parenting books with Ruckus the clown between them. Schneider says he was just thinking about what Dr. Berkowitz said about his marriage falling apart after kids. Avery then admits that freaked her out too. Avery then goes on to say that's not them and they are in love and they've never had a fight. Schneider admits she's right. They try to kiss but instead wind up kissing Ruckus.

Schneider then suggests they get Ruckus out of there. Avery suggests they throw him in the trash but to make sure no one sees, as she doesn't want to hurt the doctor's feelings. Schneider says he was going to take it to the baby's room. Avery questions this in disbelief. Schneider then says he thinks the clown is awesome and can't believe the doctor wanted to part with him and says he feels safer with it.

Avery then tells him he is not putting it near the baby's crib. Schneider then says he needs to be in the crib as the doctor said he was a spooner. Schneider then declares the doll to be his new best friend and hit's his head against the wall as he takes him to the baby's room. He then asks Rukus if he's OK to which Avery reminds him he isn't real.

In the doctor's office, Schneider and Avery are waiting for Dr. Berkowitz. They are arguing over what type of butter is better almond or peanut butter and Avery is upset Schneider didn't give her a chance to weigh in before purchasing the almond butter. He tells her next time she can do the online shopping. Dr. Berkowitz enters with a nurse and asks if they are ready for their ultrasound.

They then see their baby in the ultrasound and apologize to each other agreeing that their baby is beautiful. Dr. Berkowitz then says if he and his ex-wife Sophie had one ounce of this type of love they might still just be separated.

Schneider then tells him they have been on edge since he came over the other day and told them how kids ruined his marriage. Dr. Berkowitz then says he totally misremembered that. He says things actually went downhill after his wife slept with her podiatrist and ironically, he swept her off her feet.

Schneider then says they have been fighting all week after he said that. Dr. Berkowitz says that's crazy as they are perfect for each other and their baby's perfect too. Avery then asks if he can tell whether it's a boy or a girl. Dr. Berkowitz misunderstands and says, of course, he can because he's a doctor not realizing the couple wanted to know the baby's gender. He then leaves the room. Schneider then says he sort of did want to know and then says it may be fun not to know. Avery agrees.

Schneider apologizes for getting worked up about Ruckus. He goes on to explain he was such a lonely kid and would have loved to have anybody. Avery then says she is Schneider's buddy and their baby doesn't need a creepy stuffed companion because they'll have their parents.

They kiss again and rub noses. Avery then exclaims they got through their first fight. Schneider then thanks Ruckus for helping them. Avery then asks what the best way to thank him might be.

They then leave Ruckus in the breakroom with a note and the doctor realizes he misses the doll and hugs him.



  • Schneider and Avery are dating in the show similar to how their actors Todd Grinnell and India de Beaufort are married in real life.
    • The real-life actors also have a child similar to how Avery is pregnant on the show.