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Carmen is a recurring character in One Day at a Time. She makes her first episode appearance in No Mass, in Season 1. She was portrayed by Ariela Barer.


Carmen maintains a gloomy disposition and often sounds depressed when she speaks. She, like Elena, does well in school, getting straight As.

The two of them spent most of their time together studying and working on their schoolwork before Carmen moved to Texas to live with her brother.

Physical Appearance

Carmen is a Latina teenager with brown hair that is shoulder-length with pink streaks and bangs going across her forehead. She wears heavy black eyeshadow and black lipstick.

She generally dresses in a more goth style of clothing.


Carmen is introduced in "No Mass" as Elena’s classmate and best friend who Penelope had never met before. The two of them were shown to have a very intense friendship.

Carmen has two brothers, a priest and a witch who are very scary. One of them lives in Austin, Texas.

In "Strays," it is revealed that her parents have been deported to Mexico. She was sent to live in Austin, Texas after her parents were deported. She keeps in contact with Elena via video chat. She surprised Elena by returning for her.


Season 1

In "No Mass," Lydia is making breakfast for the kids when Penelope and she argue over having a picture of the Pope in the kitchen. Penelope arrives home to have dinner with her family and Schneider and Elena's friend Carmen.

In "Strays," Penelope comes to find Elena and Carmen sleeping on the sofa. Elena asks if Carmen can sleep over and Penelope says sure.

Penelope invites Dr. Berkowitz and the rest of the office over to her house later for a birthday dinner because Doctor Berkowitz shows up to work and is upset because nobody remembered his birthday.

At home, Penelope makes Carmen go home to save her from having to attend the party but this upsets Elena.

Penelope goes to get a knife to cut the cake and catches Carmen trying to sneak back into the apartment. She tells Elena that they are going to talk after the party. Elena goes to her room and Penelope apologizes to everyone saying that Elena and Carmen are just stressed over their immigration project.

Later, Elena comes in and tells her that Carmen is in her room right now because her parents were deported to Mexico. Penelope talks to the girls and learns that the immigration project was a cover for Carmen to be over all the time. Penelope asks how long did they think they could keep this up and Carmen says a year because she wants to graduate with her class.

Penelope asks what her parents want her to do and she says to go to Austin, Texas to be with her brother. Penelope lets her stay with them until they can send her to Austin. Elena is upset because her friend is leaving. Schneider bought her a plane ticket to Austin. They say goodbye before he takes her to the airport. After she leaves, they all start crying.

In "Pride & Prejudice," Elena is Skyping with Carmen when Penelope walks in. Penelope asks if she and Carmen are dating. Elena says no, that Carmen has a boyfriend, and she and Carmen are just platonic best friends.

In "Quinces," Schneider has Carmen flown out from Texas for Elena's quinces as a surprise. This is Carmen's last series appearance.

Carmen and Elena after their power nap.

Episode Appearances

Season 1