Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere
  1 13 January 6, 2017
  2 13 January 26, 2018

One Day at a Time is a Netflix original sitcom based on the 1975–84 series of the same name. It was developed by Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce. The series centers on a Cuban-American family led by the mother, Penelope, a separated military veteran raising a son who is described as a socially inept tween and a strong-headed, feminist daughter. Penelope’s mother, Lydia, helps her take care of the kids and the house chores.

Season 1Edit

Series # # Title
1 1 This Is It
Penelope tries to convince her feminist daughter, Elena, to have a traditional Quinceañera to celebrate her fifteenth birthday and to honor her Cuban roots.
2 2 Bobos and Mamitas
Penelope and Elena struggle with being taken seriously as women at school and work. Lydia offers her insight coming from an older generation.
3 3 No Mass
Grandmama Lydia, the backbone of the family, disappears after a heated argument with Penelope about religion, and the family finds out just how much the backbone is needed.
4 4 A Snowman's Tale
Schneider shows Penelope how to use and app for online dating. She then places herself out on the dating game again after nearly 20 years.
5 5 Strays
Elena's relationship with Carmen makes Lydia suspicious. Penelope tries to throw a birthday party for Dr. Berkowitz.
6 6 The Death of Mrs. Resnick
Penelope's car has reached the end of its road. She struggles to find a man to help her at the dealer so she doesn't get ripped off. She meets an unlikely sargeant that turns things around.
7 7 Hold, Please
Penelope goes through a lot of trouble to try and make a medical appointment through the Veterans Affairs. Elena makes an important discovery about herself while trying to choose an escort for her quinces.
8 8 One Lie at a Time
Penelope tells her family she's going on a date, Lydia tells them she's going to church, but both secretly go elsewhere. Meanwhile, Elena is left to look after Alex and things get out of hand for everyone.
9 9 Viva Cuba
Alex and Elena take on school projects that lead them to learn more about their Cuban heritage. Lydia opens up about her experience when she first got to America.
10 10 Sex Talk
Penelope finds porn on Alex's laptop and decides it's time to talk to him about sex, however, his reluctance to talk leads to a much bigger discovery.
11 11 Pride & Prejudice
Penelope deals with Elena's coming out to her. Meanwhile, Schneider takes Alex's baseball team on a road trip and stresses out on keeping the boys safe.
12 12 Hurricane Victor
Just as things become serious between Penelope and her new beau, Victor makes a surprise return from Afghanistan. While Victor deals with his PTSD and tries to resume his place in the family, Penelope has to deal with her feelings for him.
13 13 Quinces
Everyone participates in preparations for Elena's quinceanera; Elena reveals something about herself to her father.

Season 2Edit

Series # # Title
14 1 The Turn
Everyone thinks Alex is growing up. Alex punches a boy from another school, because he made a racist comment. Elena decides to learn Spanish.
15 2 Schooled
Penelope is failing at school. Schneider reveals another possible addiction.
16 3 To Zir, With Love
Elena brings home her gender non-conforming friends. Alex and Lydia coach her on flirting with her crush. Penelope doesn't want her to date until she's out of school, but she may have a secret of her own.
17 4 Roots
Elena is concerned that Lydia has never voted. Penelope teaches Alex how to have fun at the movies on a budget.
18 5 Locked Down
While everyone is supposed to be out of the house, Penelope invites Max to stay the night. However an armed criminal forces he building under a lock down and everyone has to stay in.
19 6 Work Hard, Play Hard
Penelope wants Alex and Elena to get summer jobs.
20 7 Exclusive
Elena tries to break-down Alex's new 'girlfriend', Penelope wants to know if she and Max are exclusive or not, and Lydia and Schneider stalk Leslie.
21 8 What Happened
Penelope recalls Elena's birth in 2001, and how an unexpected turn of events drastically changed the life plans she and her husband had made.
22 9 Hello, Penelope
Penelope struggles with her depression after she decides to end therapy and stop taking medication.
23 10 Storage Wars
Penelope finds out about her apartment's garage, but it turns out that Lydia has been using it as storage. Schneider makes Elena the building's handyman.
24 11 Homecoming
Everyone goes to the school's Homecoming dance.
25 12 Citizen Lydia
Lydia and Schneider take the citizenship test. Penelope tries to decide if she wants to have kids with Max.
26 13 Not Yet
Everyone tells Lydia what she means to them.