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The Feminist Gamers of Echo Park are a group of young feminist activist video gamers in One Day at a Time that Elena Alvarez and Syd were part of. The aforementioned couple met each other through this group.


Season 2

At the beginning of "To Zir, With Love," Elena enters the Alvarez living with the group, saying that her friends were a part of an advocacy group she joined. The group first only talked online and this was their first meeting in real life. Penelope asks for everybody's names and each of the members introduces themselves. They all state their names and pronouns, which confuses Penelope. Elena explains that some people prefer to use certain pronouns because they are gender non-conforming.

Elena tells Penelope and Lydia that they are going downtown to protest a video game, Bloodsplosion 6. Dani and Syd say it's because when a player goes to select their avatar, there were only three gender non-binary characters and the advertising strongly suggested that there would be three.

Penelope tells her that she doesn't mind the protests, but to make sure she keeps up with her homework so she can build up her transcripts and crush the PSATs. After getting confused about the pronouns, Alex comes out and says 'sup. Lydia warns him that he is not flirting with the right people.

Elena and Dani

Later, Elena comes back to the apartment with her friends. It turns out they didn't get them to change the video game because the building was closed on Saturday. However, if they come back later, they can tour the building and get t-shirts. Dani says they will wear them ironically. Lydia invites them to stay for dinner but Dani can't stay so Elena tells them all to go home.

Lydia tells Elena that she knows she has a crush on Dani. Elena denies it, but Lydia tells her that she can teach her how to flirt. Elena says that she's too young to date but Lydia says she isn't that young to flirt. Both Lydia and Alex show her how they flirt. Penelope arrives home and asks what's going on. Lydia tells Penelope about Elena's crush. Penelope says that she can't date. She says that they don't let anything get in the way with their education. Lydia tells Penelope that flirting can be fun and that it doesn't hurt anyone.

Later, Elena has the group over at her house, all of them wearing Bloodsplosion 6 unisex shirts. Lydia asks if she needs some courage and offers her some rum. Elena says no and that she's not going to do anything until she knows for sure that Dani is gay. Lydia assumes she's gay because she wears Chapstick instead of lipstick.

Elena goes to give Dani a cookie when she gets a text that her girlfriend is outside. This crushes Elena, but another one of the group members, Syd comes up and offers to share the cookie with Elena. Elena realizes that this person likes her and they both awkwardly confess that they are gay. Lydia and Alex watch as Elena flirts, commenting that she's terrible at it, but luckily she has them to help her. Elena asks Penelope not to get mad and that she's been talking to Syd. Elena goes on to say she knows she isn't supposed to be dating but can she go get ice cream with them. Penelope says yes she can and says a little romance wouldn't hurt.


"Hey, uh, do you want to split that cookie?"Syd to ElenaTo Zir, With Love

[My girlfriend] brought me a cookie! I love cookies!"—DaniTo Zir, With Love

"I'm Margaux, pronouns ze and zir."—MargauxTo Zir, With Love

"Let's march!MargauxTo Zir, With Love

"There's so many lame dudes who call themselves feminists just to hook up with women. Not me, I'm an ally."

Bernard to PenelopeTo Zir, With Love


  • The group is never seen again after "To Zir, With Love."
  • They are alluded to in "Perfect" on Elena's college essay ideas board, saying "I met Syd through a non-binary gaming community."