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Physical Appearance

Mateo is a Colombian man with combed-over black hair. He has stubble on his upper-lip and chin. He is typically seen wearing casual clothing.

During the school fundraiser he wore a black suit, white collared button-down shirt, black necktie, and dress shoes.


Mateo seems to have an easy-going personality. He and Penelope bonded over both being PTA members and St. Biblina Academy. They have a similar sense of humor and enjoy making fun of the other PTA moms, especially Nikki Maxwell.


Mateo is introduced in "Benefit with Friends," as a fellow PTA member and friend of Penelope's in Season 3. He and Penelope are setting up for the fundraiser at Alex and Elena's school and they do not receive any help from the rest of the PTA moms.

At the fundraiser, Penelope realizes she is attracted to Mateo when she sees him in a suit and he tells off a heat lamp delivery guy of not delivering heat lamps to the school on time. She tries to do her flirting trick of "accidentally" spilling water on herself to get Mateo to notice her.

However, he simply calls her a klutz and hands her a napkin. The two later discuss how well they did at the fundraiser and Penelope asks Mateo out. He tells her she is the only PTA parent he likes and does not want to ruin the friendship. She tells him they are all good.

Mateo later comes over and tells Penelope he's interested in dating after all but was freaked out because he had not been with anyone since he split with his wife.


Season 3

In " Benefit with Friends," at St. Bibiana Academy, in the gym, Penelope and her friend Mateo are helping set up for the fundraiser. Penelope then says it would be great if they could get help from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Implants gesturing towards a group of well-dressed PTA moms at a different table. Penelope then walks up to the mothers with Mateo behind her she then tells them she and Mateo are almost done setting up and asks if they want to help. The group refuses to do so.

Penelope then questions Nikki, one of the moms if the cookies she's eating are an auction item. Nikki then tells her they are gluten-free. Nikki then says she wishes they could help but they are on their way to the gym. Mateo points out they are in a gym at the moment. Penelope then says lifting baskets could be their workout. Nikki then tells them it's not an arms day.

Penelope then starts to say something else but Mateo restrains her from doing so and steers her away from the group and back to their table. In Spanish, Mateo tells Penelope it's good she didn't send a maid. Penelope responds in Spanish by saying the maid is at the house with the body and the woman is crazy. Mateo then chuckles at this.

Nikki then comments that they are so cute with their secret language. Penelope then looks at Mateo and says he should sign her up for the pervy dog and she will put her down for the vag tune-up. The two then exchange a fist bump.

Penelope and Alex arrive home. Penelope tells a story about Mateo doing a funny impersonation of Nikki. Alex then says Penelope should just admit that she likes him. Penelope then says he's her buddy. Alex then implies she likes him romantically.

Elena then asks Penelope about Mateo. Penelope then says he's not really her type and kind of a dork. Lydia questions what Mateo does and Penelope explains that he's an accountant. Penelope groans and indicates he doesn't give off the "strong man" type. Both Elena and Alex get uncomfortable at this, telling Penelope to stop making groaning noises. Lydia then says she felt the same way looking at their grandfather. Both Elena and Alex try to get them to stop talking about it.

Penelope then goes on to say that she and Mateo will never happen. Schneider then says she is just in the friend zone. Penelope then says she could if she wanted to. She then explains there is a foolproof move to get men to date her that she has been using since high school. She explains how she "accidentally" spills water on her chest to get men to notice her breasts.

Penelope and Mateo compliment each other on their outfits. Penelope is seen wearing a black wrap dress with blue and white trim and Mateo is wearing a suit. Mateo then says he's trying to dress better as his son told him he looks like a dork who no one would ever want to date.

A delivery man comes up to them and says he will put the heat lamps in the parking lot. Penelope then tells him those were supposed to be on the quad an hour ago. Mateo tells the man he's going to move them on to the quad and because he was late he will take another 20% off. Mateo then goes on to say every parent at the event is looking down the barrel of a sweet sixteen party and the delivery man wouldn't want word to get out that he doesn't deliver things on time. The man then apologizes and says he'll fix the mistake.

This causes Penelope to realize she is attracted to Mateo. Mateo then questions why she is staring at him and she says nothing. She then tries to do her spilling water on herself trick and Mateo simply calls her a klutz and hands her a napkin.

Later, Penelope and Mateo discuss what a great job they did at the fundraiser and joke about Nikki taking credit for it at the fundraiser. Penelope then asks Mateo out and he declines saying he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. She agrees, telling him not to worry, and saying they are all good.

At the Alvarez home, Mateo knocks on the door and Penelope answers it. They go out in the hall and Mateo admits he was nervous because he hasn't been on a date since he split with his wife. They then flirt back and forth. Lydia then yells at Penelope to stop toying with the man so they can see what they will look like in ten years.