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"One Halloween at a Time"[3] is the fourth episode of Season 4 of One Day at a Time. The episode is aired on Pop TV on April 14, 2020.


It's a very scary Halloween when Lydia discovers something life-altering in the kitchen trash. Schneider and Avery are determined to win an elaborate costume contest.


Penelope and Max are lying in bed in Max's bedroom and Penelope questions if they have gotten better at having sex since getting back together. Max then replies they have to give credit to the knee brace she gave him, as it is a game-changer. Penelope then laughs at this, saying they should get ready for Halloween.

Max then jokingly suggests they should blow off the whole costume thing. He then says Penelope is already a sexy nurse. She gives him a peck on the lips and jokes back that's demeaning, as she is now a nurse practitioner. Max then says he can't wait. He walks to the restroom and flirtatiously tells Penelope he has to give her something in the shower. Penelope sits up in bed and while gazing into the distance, gives thanks to God for that knee brace.

Later, in the Alvarez living room, Lydia is setting up the Halloween decorations while Elena and Syd walk in wearing their costumes. Lydia then says it's good they are going out for Halloween. Elena explains she is dressed as climate change activist Greta Thunberg, while Syd is dressed as an iceberg. Lydia then asks why they can't be cats as they already have the whiskers.

Syd and Elena's political crusade costumes: Greta Thunberg and an iceberg

Elena then gives the explanation that they are not going trick-or-treating, but instead going door to door to collect signatures and inform people about man-made climate change. Syd then inquires if they should say person-made climate change. Elena responds she is okay for letting the men take responsibility for this one. Syd continues to say Halloween is the perfect night because suckers will open the door for anyone.

Elena says their strategy is to hit people with facts when they open the door before they know what's coming. Elena and Syd then demonstrate how they will hit people with the facts. Lydia tells them people will probably just slam the door in their faces. Lydia then holds up a jack-o-lantern and tells them to put it outside. Elena then says she can't stand to look at another orange face with "that bobo in the White House."

Schneider and Avery dressed as "goat yoga."

Lydia responds he is like a pumpkin that will get thrown out by November. Schneider and Avery then walk in wearing their costumes. Schneider is some kind of hairy animal and Avery is in a yoga outfit. Schneider then asks them to guess what the costume is. Lydia then sarcastically asks if it's a reminder to shave her legs. Schneider then exclaims that this is serious.

Avery then says they just need a hint. Schneider then gallops over and Avery lifts her leg and does a yoga pose. Lydia then guesses by telling Schneider she thinks he is a cow and that Avery has stepped in the cow caca. Frustrated, Schneider says they were doing goat yoga and they aren't going to win the Halloween couples' contest.

Avery explains Schneider's got a lot riding on winning the Halloween costume contest at the Echo Park country club. Confused, Elena asks if they have a country club in Echo Park. Avery then explains it's the Beverly Hills Country Club and they just call it Echo Park on Halloween to make it sound scary. Schneider then says he's never won. But this year he can't lose because he has Avery in his life, and he's finally in a loving relationship as he kisses Avery. Schneider then says couples' costumes always win and the prize is an iPad mini and he never wins anything.

Sounding agitated, Elena says Schneider is a cisgender, rich, and white male and therefore he has won at life. Schneider then protests he really wants the iPad mini prize.

Penelope walks into the apartment. She sees the costumes Schneider and Avery are wearing and asks if they are supposed to be Little Bo Peep and a messed-up sheep. An annoyed Schneider tells Avery they are going back to the apartment. Penelope then retorts it's a Halloween miracle to get Schneider to leave her apartment.

Elena then says she and Syd are going to go be leaving. Penelope compliments them on their costumes saying they are a lot better than last year's toxic drinking water and tumor costumes. Syd then says they bummed out a lot of people in the senior center. Penelope tells them bye as they leave.

Lydia then notices Penelope smiling and looking happy and comments on it. She then asks Penelope if she enjoyed her walk. Penelope then questions what she means. Lydia insinuates she knows that Max and Penelope were having sex by saying she knows they were doing "the hanky-panky" when she should have been home helping to prepare for Halloween.

Penelope then says she and Max were being innocent by knitting sweaters and reading the Bible and she has no idea what Lydia is talking about. Lydia then questions her daughter about what's wrong with her as she would have broken Max down like a cardboard box if she had been in Penelope's position. She then hands Penelope the jack-o-lantern and tells her to put it outside. Penelope takes it from Lydia and says she'll do that.

Penelope then opens the door to see a guy with gray hair kissing someone. Penelope then calls the guy a creep and tells him to take it elsewhere. The guy turns around, it turns out to be Alex and Nora. Alex greets his mother.

Penelope then exclaims at the sight of Alex's hair. She then questions what his costume is. She asks if it's Anderson Cooper, Billy Idol, or Steve Martin. Alex says he doesn't know who any of those people are. Nora then asks if Alex looks like he could be in a boy band. Penelope retorts "Yeah, Boyz II Old Men."

Alex then finally says this isn't his costume and he dyed his hair. Penelope then demands how he could do that without asking her and if it's permanently dyed. Alex tells her he did ask her if on Halloween he could dye his hair silver. Penelope then says using the word "Halloween" in that sentence is misleading.

Lydia then gasps at the sight of her grandson asking what he's done and says he looks just like his abuelo. Lydia then says excitedly she will put Alex in his suit and they will dance. Alex then admits he thinks he made a big mistake. Penelope tells him that he did and they'll talk about it when he gets back from trick-or-treating.

Alex then announces he has grown out of trick-or-treating. Penelope then questions why he didn't tell her that last year was his last year. Alex then questions how could he tell her last year was the last year if he didn't know until this year. Penelope then says he's a wise old man and should figure it out.

Alex then questions if he can go to Nora's house as her parents are having a party. Nora then tells Penelope she'll have Alex home in time to take his arthritis pills. Penelope says that's a good one but to make sure he's home in time to spoon his grandmother.

Everyone is gone but Penelope and Lydia. Penelope answers her phone. Max is calling and she asks what he's wearing. Max is seen wearing orange rubber gloves. He then explains it's he's wearing rubber but not in a fun way, as he was just cleaning his bathroom.

Lydia takes the trash out, but a hole rips in the bag and she starts picking stuff up. Penelope then tells Max she can't wait to see him. Lydia then picks up a pink box and it winds up being a pregnancy test. Max then tells her he can't wait to see her and tells her he is on his way over. He then questions if Penelope has enough candy. Penelope says she's positive they do and Lydia mistakenly thinks she's referring to the pregnancy test, believing her daughter is pregnant and she can't hear Max over the phone. Max then once again asks Penelope if she's sure and he could pick up candy on the way if necessary.

Penelope then says she is 100% sure, causing Lydia's jaw to drop. Max then asks if Penelope wants to come over to his place instead of handing out candy all night and Penelope asks what does he think she'll do, leave the basket outside. Lydia then puts her hand on her chest in disgust. Penelope then says that's not how she was raised.

Later, Penelope, wearing her costume, opens the door to Max, who is wearing his costume. They are dressed as the characters Sandy and Danny from Grease. They perform a dance move from the film. Max then asks if it's weird that he's really attracted to Penelope even though she's technically dressed as a high-school girl. Penelope then says every teen in that movie was pushing forty. Instead of zits, they were worried about liver spots. She then gives Max a kiss.

Avery enters, wearing a drag racer costume. She then announces the house of Schneider. Schneider then enters in a drag queen costume. Avery and Schneider do a dance move. Schneider then asks once again if they get it. Max then guesses they are a drag race. Schneider thanks him and says it's more of a history lesson in heels. He then states the full title is "Drag Race—A Drag Queen Started Stonewall." Penelope finally getting it says it's cute. Avery then tells her not to say that. Schneider then asks if she thinks he tucked and taped for cute. Penelope then points out he's in a dress. She then says he tucked and taped for nothing.

Schneider then says cute's for losers. He explains that the previous year, he went as the "Hang in There" cat. Schneider then says he got nothing out of it. He almost gave up for good but then he looked in the mirror and something inspired him to keep going. Schneider declares it's back to the drawing board and leaves. Avery explains he actually draws stick figures on a board, she then says it's very sad. Avery then says she can fix him as she leaves.

Penelope then says it's time for them to get romantic with wine. Someone then knocks on the door. Penelope and Max then get excited over the first trick-or-treaters showing up. Max answers and Doctor Berkowitz enters wearing his Beast costume from Beauty and the Beast. Lydia opens her curtain, wearing a Belle costume. Penelope then compliments them on doing a couples' costume. Lydia then says she never saw the movie. She thought it was about a beautiful woman and her pet dog in a tuxedo. She then asks to see Doctor Berkowitz in the kitchen.

Lydia goes to the kitchen with him. When they are out of sight, Lydia shows him the pregnancy test. Doctor Berkowitz then gets on one knee. He then says he will raise the baby as his own. Lydia then says the baby is not hers. Relieved, he says he can't raise a baby.

Lydia then tells him she thinks Penelope is pregnant. Doctor Berkowitz then asks if Max knows about this. Lydia says she thinks that is what they are talking about right now. Closing the shutter, she says they deserve privacy. She then says they're not going to get it, but they deserve it.

Elena and Syd are walking in the hallway of the apartment building in their costumes.

Elena then asks what should they hit them with first. She says, "How rising sea levels will destroy coastal communities? Or the coming political chaos caused by widespread food insecurity?" Syd then says both are so inevitable. They then say they'll let Elena decide and Syd will use what they learned from their summer improv course and "Yes and" whatever Elena says.

Elena knocks on the door. A guy wearing a Halloween shirt answers it. The guy guesses they are Anna and Olaf from Frozen. Elena tells him they are not from Frozen. The guy tells them they are cute and hands them two pieces of candy each. Syd tries to explain the real reason they are there but the guy shuts the door. Elena then says the guy didn't realize their costumes are making a radical political statement. Syd then says he just thought they were adorable.

Elena then scoffs at men and says they shouldn't panic because they can get it right at the next apartment. At the next apartment, Elena starts to explain why they are there but she is cut off by the old lady living there named Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones compliments them saying their costumes are very clever and timely. Elena thanks her. The lady mistakenly thinks they are dressed as Dorothy and the tornado.

Syd then says they really didn't think this through. They then try again to explain why they are there but the lady shuts the door. The two then decide to go trick-or-treating after all and give up their political crusade and name the candy bars they want. They excitedly walk off together.

In the Alverez living room, Penelope closes the door. She then declares once the thirty-year-old Spongebob comes around, it's time to close up shop. Max then says they did it and says he had fun. He then thanks Penelope for having him over.

Penelope then says when Alex said he was done trick-or-treating, she realized a part of her life was ending, but—she guesses another part is beginning. Max says it sounds like they should make a toast. Penelope then says they should toast to new beginnings as they clink glasses.

Lydia then comes in and says Chardonnay is not for babies. Penelope then asks what she means and what is happening. Lydia then accuses Penelope of being pregnant. Max also questions this. Penelope denies this. Lydia holds up the pregnancy test. Both Lydia and Max ask her to explain. Penelope once again states she isn't pregnant. Doctor Berkowitz then questions if no one is pregnant. Lydia then says somebody is pregnant, according to the trash.

Penelope then questions Lydia finding a pregnancy test in their trash can. Lydia then questions if it could be Elena's and if she fell off the wagon. Penelope then says no, she really loves the wagon. They conclude it must be Alex's.

Penelope and Max are standing on the front porch. Penelope knocks on the door, then rings the doorbell. Nora's parents, Melba and Ramón answer with a bowl of candy.

Going back and forth between Spanish and English Penelope explains she is Alex's mother. She then reminds Melba they have spoken on the phone a couple of times. She then tells Melba it's meet her in person.

In Spanish, Melba introduces her husband Ramón. She then introduces them to Max who tries to introduce himself in Spanish. Penelope tells him not to do that. Penelope then calls out for Alex.

Alex then questions what Penelope is doing at Nora's parents' house.

Penelope explains she is Sandy from Grease and tells him they need to talk about the pregnancy test, showing it to him. Melba then says she and her husband would love to be part of that conversation. She then calls out for her daughter saying she'll be out in a minute.

Alex then questions why she is showing him a pregnancy test. Penelope then says they found it at home.

Nora comes out. Melba then questions what she was doing at Alex's house that day. Penelope asks for an explanation. Alex says it's not his and Nora's. She then tells him they found it in the trash. She then questions if it's not hers, and it's not Lydia's, nor is it Elena's, therefore how is it not his.

Alex then insists it isn't his. Penelope asks what other explanation is there. He then says he and Nora never had sex so therefore it's impossible. Penelope gives him a hopeful look and presses him further asking him once more if he and Nora had sex. Alex once again says they didn't have sex. Nora then confirms they only did over the shirt stuff and then Penelope apologizes to Nora's parents for how their first meeting went.

In the Alvarez living room, Dr. Berkowitz and Lydia are waiting at home. Elena and Syd enter. Doctor Berkowitz questions Elena and Syd saying he thought they were out doing a political crusade. Elena says they tried but nobody was willing to listen to them. She then dumps a huge bag of candy on the table saying all the candy will give them the energy to try again tomorrow.

Penelope, Alex, and Max arrive home. Penelope then questions Elena if there any way the positive pregnancy test is hers. Elena asks how many times does Penelope want me her to come out. Elena then points out she would need a man for a pregnancy to happen. Lydia says she thinks the Virgin Mary would clap back. Elena reiterates she is not pregnant. Syd says for a second they were convinced Elena was actually pregnant, as she is a saint. Penelope then says the test has to belong to someone and didn't just appear by magic.

Schneider and Avery dressed as Game of Thrones Characters.

Schneider and Avery enter with fog coming from the hallway, Avery is dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Schneider as a dragon from Game of Thrones. Everyone is impressed and they all clap. Schneider says not to compliment them seeing that they came in second. He then exclaims they lost to Elton John. Doctor Berkowitz questions who was dressed as Elton John. Scheider then explains the real Elton John was dressed as Garfield eating lasagna and they lost to him. Schneider then says that it was adorable.

Avery sees Penelope holding the pregnancy test and asks where she found it. Penelope then asks if it's hers. Avery nods. Penelope, Elena, Syd, Alex, Lydia, and Dr. Berkowitz give her a group hug and Elena and Lydia congratulate her. Schneider not understanding asks why they are congratulating her, seeing that they lost the costume contest.

Avery laughs while crying. Schneider tells her not to cry and hang in there. Avery walks over to him, teary-eyed. Avery then tells him she wasn't sure how he'd react so she threw the test in the trash. He asks what she's saying and she tells him she's pregnant. Schneider hugs her and smiles. She asks if it means he's happy. He tells her that he is. He asks her if she's happy and Avery says she is. They kiss. Schneider then says this is so much better than an iPad mini. Lydia says they are here if Schneider and Avery need them and she adds they will. Alex says he is going to be a tío, Elena says she will be a tía, and Syd says they will be a tí-x.

The episode ends with Penelope saying this calls for a celebration. Then to Alex, she says "Hey grandpa! Will you take us all out for ice cream? Let's keep the hair. It's silver but the jokes are golden."





  • Marla Gibbs as Mrs. Jones
  • Reggie Watts as Man
  • Jeimy Osorio as Melba


"One Halloween at a Time" casting call.

  • This is the second episode to take place on a national holiday, the first being "One Valentine's Day at a Time."
  • Nora's parents Ramón and Melba are introduced.
  • Everyone in this episode has a costume:
    • Lydia is dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
    • Dr. Berkowitz is dressed as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
    • Schneider and Avery dressed as several different costumes attempts for their costume contest:
      • Schneider is dressed as a goat while Avery is dressed as a yoga instructor. Together they are "goat yoga."
      • Schneider and Avery dressed as "drag race," Schneider as a drag queen, and Avery as a drag racer as in cars.
      • Schneider as a dragon and Avery as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.
    • Elena is dressed as Greta Thunberg, and Syd is dressed as an iceberg.
      • It is revealed the previous Halloween, their costumes were toxic drinking water and a tumor. Syd says they bummed out a lot of people in the senior center.
    • Penelope is dressed as Sandy from Grease, and Max is dressed as Danny.
    • Alex had no costume, but he dyed his hair silver in this episode.
  • It's revealed Avery is pregnant this episode when Lydia finds her pregnancy test in the trash.
  • Syd's remark about becoming a tí-x implies they now see themselves as part of Elena's family.
  • Elena mentions that the jack-o-lantern looks like "that bobo in the White House."
    • The show makes a stylistic choice never to mention Trump by name.


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