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"Outside," is the second episode of Season 3. It aired on Netflix on February 8, 2019, along with the rest of Season 3. It aired on Netflix on February 8, 2019, along with the rest of Season 3.


When Penelope discovers Alex's secret Instagram account, his crass posts spark an intense family discussion about consent and harassment.


Syd and Elena are sitting on the couch, playing video games. Penelope walks in and comments on how they are always inside. Penelope tells the couple they should get outside and see the sun and they shouldn't be wasting a perfectly good Saturday.

They have a discussion about how Syd is no longer referred to as Elena’s girlfriend, seeing that they identify as non-binary and are trying to come up with a more appropriate term for Elena to call Syd. Syd says they will still refer to Elena as their girlfriend.

Schneider walks inside the apartment with a list of potential names for Elena and Syd. They remind him that they did not ask for his help and specifically told him not to get involved. Schneider then proceeds to give a bunch of potential terms he came up with from his list. All of these are rejected by the couple, who give their reasons.

Penelope says that Alex is at the museum with his girlfriend. Schneider comments on how there is nothing about a girlfriend on his Instagram page, so Syd says it might be on his Finsta page. Elena reluctantly explains that a Finsta page is an Instagram page solely for friends. Elena says she uses hers for Winona Earp cosplays and Syd says they take pictures of their chinchilla in drag. When questioned by Penelope on what Alex's Finsta is, Elena says that Alex’s is private, and Penelope freaks out saying that there is no such thing as privacy in their home before leaving for work.

At work, Penelope expresses her worries and Dr. Berkowitz who tells her he understands why she's wound up. The doctor tells her that kids keep secrets from their parents and tells her about how his daughter had a large wedding and he didn't find out about it till he got the bill. Penelope says her kids don't keep secrets from her and Alex is on a date at the museum with his girlfriend Chloe. Scott walks in and reveals he follows Alex on Finsta.

Scott tells Penelope that Alex has posted about the museum trip on his Finsta. Penelope snatches Scott's phone. She sees a picture of Alex and Chloe at the museum. Scott makes comments about Chloe and then apologizes after being called out by Penelope by saying such things about a fifteen-year-old girl. Scott then also apologizes for making Penelope feel uncomfortable in the workplace.

After being questioned by Penelope about what's gotten into Scott, Dr. Berkowitz tells her about the sexual harassment seminar he and Scott took. They talk about consent, and how it’s tricky to know what is ok, and what isn’t. Penelope sees another post from Alex and the problematic language in his post under the photo.

She tries to shrug it off as him trying to be cool for his friends. Dr. Berkowitz then says it's hard to be a mom teenage boy these days. Penelope then challenges this saying she can tell Alex not to be creepy, don't be douchey, and don't be Scott. Scott then says the woman at the seminar said the same thing about him. Dr. Bekowitz then discusses how he wasn't able to pick up women at his Synagogue. There are then a couple more alerts from Alex's Finsta where he has posted pictures of himself inappropriately touching a statue and Chloe. This causes more alarm and disturbs Penelope.

At home, Schneider continues to help Elena and Syd try to come up with a term for Elena to call Syd. The two continue to reject his newest suggestions.

Penelope arrives home and she shows the family his posts, and they all are just as wound up as she is. After they all react to Alex's behavior on social media, Penelope says she can't be the mother of a sleazy teenager. When Alex comes home, Penelope tells him his behavior on social media is not cute and she is especially disappointed in his treatment of Chloe.

Lydia then admits she was the one who encouraged Alex to keep pursuing Chloe and wear her down after she rejected him the first time. Elena then says Lydia helped contribute to toxic masculinity. She then goes on to explain it's how society influences men to believe they need to be aggressive, unemotional, and sex-obsessed. Lydia then says she is just describing a man.

Penelope says times have changed since Lydia's day and men need to watch what they say to women. Elena then says sarcastically says men are the poor victims because they can't catcall women in the street. Lydia says in her day men would hurl a symphony of compliments at her. Elena then tells her she was being harassed. Lydia then proudly says yes, more than the other women. Penelope then says not all women want that kind of attention.

Lydia then brings up another terrifying family story about wearing a woman down so she would give in to marriage.

Schneider then says the thing about women is that they are beautiful and "no" means "no" and "yes" means "yes." Elena then explains the "yes" shouldn't just be a "yes" it needs to be an enthusiastic "yes." Syd elaborates saying it should be a "hell yes!" Schneider then says he's never gotten one of those. Elena and Syd then volunteer themselves to demonstrate and an uncomfortable Alex asks to go to his room.

Penelope says she thinks it's important for him to see this. Syd and Elena then demonstrate asking each other for consent before touching each other. Penelope then asks if that's how their first kiss went. Syd says not at all and Elena just went for it, nearly choked them with the Doctor Who scarf, and the cops had to break them up. Alex then admits he is just getting more confused. Schneider then says he is getting more confused as well.

Schneider then realizes maybe some of his sexual relationships weren't as consensual as he thought then leaves the apartment to make some phone calls. Alex then says he's really confused. Penelope then admits it is confusing. Penelope then says she feels sorry for men and Elena counters her by saying women always blame themselves and the men never have to take responsibility.

Elena and Alex argue

Elena then says all the signs at school during rape prevention week are aimed at women telling then things such as not to dress provocatively or walk alone. She then says men should be told not to rape.

Alex says he wants to stop talking about this because he does not see the big deal about taking a couple of pictures as a joke. He goes on to say Chloe thought it was funny. Elena then questions if Chloe actually found it funny or she was so uncomfortable with Alex touching her that she didn't know how else to react besides laugh.

Elena tells Alex he's basically a predator. Alex retorts by calling Elena a psycho and says she doesn't know anything about his life and that she never leaves the apartment. Elena replies that it's because of him it's of guys like him. She then tells the family the story that took place a couple of weeks prior about how she and Syd were on the bus from their date at the movies when they were harassed by a group of guys who wanted to see them kiss and thought it was funny. Elena says they finally lost them in a crowd and ran home. Syd explains they have been in the apartment ever since. Elena says it's a bummer because they felt so good going out as a couple.

Alex then apologizes and says he wants to kill those guys and starts to leave but he is stopped by Penelope who is crying. Lydia then volunteers herself to do it saying she doesn't want Alex to bloody his hands. Penelope tells both of them to cool their toxic masculinity.

Elena then says the worst part is she didn't try talking back to those guys. Penelope then says in those types of situations it's important to keep safe and she did the right thing. Elena then says Penelope would have never put up with that. Penelope then tells a story from her army days and how she was sexually harassed by her first Sargent who was like a mentor to her. Penelope says being very reactive she kicked him in the crotch.

Penelope then says the future is bright because of strong, amazing young people like Syd and Elena. Penelope then says Elena should channel that energy into becoming a lawyer. She then goes on to say her job as a parent is making sure Elena has it better and making sure Alex does better.

Alex then apologizes to Elena and Elena says she knows he's a good guy.

The next day, Schneider arrives back in the apartment and says he just got done calling all his exes and all of his relationships were consensual and disappointing. He goes on to say every woman told him his flaws for twelve hours. Penelope then says he didn't have to call anyone because they are right downstairs.

Syd then asks if it would cheer Schneider up to know that they came up with the perfect relationship name. Elena then says Syd is her SO or Significant Other. Schneider then says Syd should be Elena's "Syd-nificant Other." They then say that's genius as they had not thought of that. The episode ends with them excitedly heading outside while Penelope cheers for them going outside. Schneider follows them and asks if there is something they want to call him that starts with an "A." He then tells them not to call him the first thing they think of.


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  • It is revealed that Alex has a girlfriend named Chloe who doesn't appear on screen.
  • Syd and Elena make references to cosplaying as characters from Winnona Earp.
    • Syd calls Elena's cosplays "Wayhaught," the ship name for the relationship between Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught in the series Winnona Earp.
  • This episode discusses the topic of sexual harassment and consent:
  • Penelope experienced sexual harassment when she was in the army. She also received sexually inappropriate comments from Scott while at work.
  • Elena and Syd also experienced sexual harassment when they were on the bus from their date at the movies.
  • The names Schneider comes up for Elena to call Syd include:
    • Main Squeeze,"
    • "Person Friend"
    • "Gay of Sunshine"
    • "Partners"
    • "Lovers"
    • "Longtime Companions"
    • "Queer Dear "
    • "Non Bino-saur"
    • "Mighty Morphin Power Ganger"
    • Syd-nificant Other"

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