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Ramón is a character in Pop TV's One Day at a Time. He is Nora's father.

Physical Appearance



Ramón is the father of Nora. He and his wife Melba were introduced in "One Halloween at a Time." Penelope and Max go to Nora's parents' home to find out who the pregnancy test Lydia found in the trash belonged to. They suspect the possibility Alex may have gotten Nora pregnant. In the end, it is revealed to have belonged to Avery, as she had hidden it in the trash due to being unsure about Schneider's reaction.


Season 4

In "One Halloween at a Time," Penelope opens the door to see a guy with gray hair kissing someone. Penelope then calls the guy a creep and tells him to take it elsewhere. The guy turns around, it turns out to be Alex and Nora. Alex greets his mother.

Penelope then exclaims at the sight of Alex's hair. She then questions what his costume is. She asks if it's Anderson Cooper, Billy Idol, or Steve Martin. Alex says he doesn't know who any of those people are. Nora then asks if Alex looks like he could be in a boy band. Penelope retorts "Yeah, Boyz II Old Men."

Alex then finally says this isn't his costume and he dyed his hair. Penelope then demands how he could do that without asking her and if it's permanently dyed. Alex tells her he did ask her if on Halloween he could dye his hair silver. Penelope then says using the word "Halloween" in that sentence is misleading.

Alex then announces he has grown out of trick-or-treating. Penelope then questions why he didn't tell her that last year was his last year. Alex then questions how could he tell her last year was the last year if he didn't know until this year. Penelope then says he's a wise old man and should figure it out.

Alex then questions if he can go to Nora's house as her parents are having a party. Nora then tells Penelope she'll have Alex home in time to take his arthritis pills. Penelope says that's a good one but to make sure he's home in time to spoon his grandmother.

Lydia discovers a pregnancy test in the trash. The family concludes there is a possibility it could belong to Alex. Penelope and Max then go to Nora's house to question Alex about it.

Penelope and Max are standing on the front porch. Penelope knocks on the door, then rings the doorbell. Nora's parents, Melba and Ramón answer with a bowl of candy.

Going back and forth between Spanish and English Penelope explains she is Alex's mother. She then reminds Melba they have spoken on the phone a couple of times. She then tells Melba it's meet her in person.

In Spanish, Melba introduces her husband Ramón. She then introduces them to Max who tries to introduce himself in Spanish. Penelope tells him not to do that. Penelope then calls out for Alex.

Alex then questions what Penelope is doing at Nora's parents' house.

Penelope explains she is Sandy from Grease and tells him they need to talk about the pregnancy test, showing it to him. Melba then says she and her husband would love to be part of that conversation. She then calls out for her daughter saying she'll be out in a minute.

Alex then questions why she is showing him a pregnancy test. Penelope then says they found it at home.

Nora comes out. Melba then questions what she was doing at Alex's house that day. Penelope asks for an explanation. Alex says it's not his and Nora's. She then tells him they found it in the trash. She then questions if it's not hers, and it's not Lydia's, nor is it Elena's, therefore how is it not his.

Alex then insists it isn't his. Penelope asks what other explanation is there. He then says he and Nora never had sex so therefore it's impossible. Penelope gives him a hopeful look and presses him further asking him once more if he and Nora had sex. Alex once again says they didn't have sex. Nora then confirms they only did over the shirt stuff and then Penelope apologizes to Nora's parents for how their first meeting went.